About Evergreen

What is Evergreen?

The Evergreen Marketing Group is an cooperative of over 60 independent construction and industrial tool distribution companies located throughout the United States and Canada.

Evergreen Members work in partnership with more than 100 leading suppliers of industrial/construction tools and equipment.

Evergreen Preferred Suppliers are national companies widely recognized as leaders in their fields, providing the highest quality industrial products available.

Working together, Evergreen distributor Members and Preferred Suppliers provide a broad range of high-quality construction and industrial tools, equipment and services.

Why should I use Evergreen Members as my source for construction and industrial tools and services?

Selecting an Evergreen Member to meet your construction/industrial tool and service requirements offers you several advantages.

First, by partnering with Preferred Suppliers, Evergreen Members can provide you with dependable, high-quality products from manufacturers you know and trust. Evergreen members also can offer you a wide variety of products so you have the freedom to choose the right item for your specific needs.

Furthermore, Evergreen Members can provide local technical support and personalized service not available from large, impersonal corporations.

Evergreen Members and Preferred Suppliers are carefully selected to ensure you obtain excellent product warranty, timely delivery and exceptional service.

In addition, many Evergreen Members provide a range of educational and technical services including safety training, informational sessions regarding new regulations and on-the-job product demonstrations designed to keep you up-to-date with advances in your field.

By working with Evergreen Members you can be assured of a broad selection of products, timely delivery, personalized service and technical support wherever your next project may take you.

Contact the Evergreen Member in your area or call us at 1-800-859-8733 (email EMGAdmin@evergreen-marketing.com) for more information on the Evergreen Marketing Group.

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